What is this place?

This is stuff that I do because I enjoy it. When I can. When the Xbox is not calling my name. When work doesn't demand otherwise. If you enjoy it too please drop me a line and let me know

Apps in the Wild

Windows Phone

480px - explore and discover beautiful photography from 500px.com on your windows phone

Poetry and Motion - create fun and amusing random poetry with virtual word tiles

Windows 8

Chain It - A fun numbers game with no math! Simply tap the tiles in order (up or down) and string as many together as you can!

Greatest Hits

Pintera - explore Pinterest on your windows phone (no longer available from the store)

QuMa - The first ever Windows based editor for Quake maps. Wow, I had essentially what you'd call a blog back in '96!

Zupelz - create and solve jigsaw puzzles with your own images.the never actually made it out the door but was mostly complete and my family had fun with it. this might be resurrected for the phone.

And many others in a long list of experiments with uninspiring names like "application14", some successful some not so much, in games, graphics, and whatever else caught my eye that week. e.g. Screensaver based on flocking behavior and a tool to make your own mosiac from your personal photos.